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"Me-time" is essential for the staff of a school as it allows for mental and emotional rejuvenation. Teaching can be demanding, so carving out personal time allows educators to recharge themselves, preventing burnout and enhancing their overall well-being. This solitary period can be used for self-reflection, creativity, and a chance to pursue personal interests, ultimately leading to increased productivity and effectiveness in the classroom. 


"Me-time" is crucial for students in a school setting as it promotes self-discovery, mental clarity, and emotional regulation. This personal time allows students to unwind, reflect, and engage in activities they enjoy, fostering independence and a sense of identity. It plays a pivotal role in reducing stress, enhancing concentration, and improving overall academic performance.

Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff

Soul Nourishment Coach

The CEO of Kalorex group Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff is an Edupreneur, Vlogger, Podcaster and Achiever of her own kind who inspires many.

SHROFFism is to help you discover the power of unleashing your true potential of body, mind and spirit by understanding and applying tools to optimize the human design.